The Livingston Parish Recreation District 2 met in a regular meeting on Wednesday, September 13, 2023, ni Watson, La. at 6 pm at the Administrative Office (Live Oak Sportsplex) located at 36965 Louisiana Highway 16, Watson, La.

Present- C.Prescott, J.Hood, B.Beard, T.McRae, B.J.Guerin, A.Curtis Absent: V.Brown

Guests: Director Mike Hansen Public: none Meeting called to order by Chairman Pledge of allegiance was given and prayer led by the Administrative Secretary.

Motion to adopt the minutes as mailed for the August 9, 2023, meeting with no public comment, by T.McRae seconded by B.Beard Vote passed Yeas-5 Nays-none Absent-Vicky Brown Not voting-J.Hood There was no old business.

Director, Mike Hansen, reported that he has been attempting ot fill the Assistant Director position and other positions. He recommended to hire Jeana Miller as Assistant Director (current employee of Smith Accounting). He explained his Board discussed a maintenance item which the Director gave a report on the equipment repairs. April Curtis questioned if an outside company could be used as a source ot provide maintenance services on equipment. Director stated that he will secure three quotes from servicing companies on this type of support services.

Administrative Secretary presented the financial report to the board for the August period of operations as compared to budget and presented September bills.

Motion to accept the financial report of August and pay the bills as presented for the September period with no public comment by B.Beard seconded by C.Prescott Vote passed Yeas-5 Nays-none Absent-Vicky Brown, Not voting- J.Hood There were no public comments, so Chairman moved to the next agenda item.

Jimmy Hood arrived at the meeting.

Chairman reported that the 29 acre appraisal value totaled $600,000 and the 5acres totaled $135,000. He noted that the potential purchaser is interested in the property for that price.


 Chairman noted that he will also be talking to the Pendarvis property owners (adjacent land) for a potential price per acre on the 20 acres needed. Board discussed the potential of transactions.

Motion to authorize the Chairman to execute a purchase agreement for the sale of the Fore Road 29 acres owned by hte District at approximately $600,000 appraised value with no public comment by B.J. Guerin seconded by A.Curtis Vote passed Yeas-6 Nays-none Absent-V.Brown Under committee reports, Tracy McRae reported for the Capital Outlay Committee that she had forwarded information ot the Engineer regarding the Pickle Ball facility potential being added to the master plan. She explained his prior comments, but has not heard back on new specifics from him.

There were no further board comments.

Administrative Secretary made comments about the recent action by the Director involving his present employee. He shared his disappointment and the lack of courtesy for any prior or present communication from the Director or board on the potential of hiring one of his key employees from his staff. He shared that he was not aware of the hiring or attempt ot hire, until 8 days ago (September 5th) when this employee resigned her position with his company. He shared that per the employee that she has been hired. He commented on his feelings of betrayal by the Director and his view that the unethical practice of hiring without at least communicating ahead of time to him as a courtesy. He commented his strong displeasure on this issue. He stated that he understood from his employee’s comments to his staff members, that the board knew about this action.

Various Board members responded with strong remarks regarding this news and expressed their lack of knowledge on this entire subject of hiring an Assistant Director. Administrative Secretary left the meeting.

Board discussion was made at length on the hiring concerns shared by all parties.

Questions were fielded to the Director on the approval process of hiring.

Motion to adjourn the meeting with no public comment by C.Prescott seconded by T.McRae Vote passed Yeas-6 Nays-none Absent-Vicky Brown Pandal.Smith Randall Smith – Administrative Secretary Next public meeting on Wednesday, October 11, 2023 6 pm