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Live Oak Sports Complex

Livingston Parish Recreation District #2

Sexual Harassment Policy

We the commissioners of Livingston Parish Recreation District #2 (LPRD#2) shall strive to develop and maintain a quality recreational park and to provide recreational sports and activities which will enhance the quality of life as well as the physical, social, and emotional well-being of the citizens of Watson.

Policy Statement
All employees of the LPRD 2/LIVE OAK SPORTS COMPLEX are entitled to work in an environment free of sexually inappropriate behavior. All complaints of sexual harassment or retaliation shall be promptly and thoroughly investigated. Particular care will be taken in the course of investigations to protect the confidentiality of all involved to the extent possible. Should it be determined that an employee has violated this policy, immediate and appropriate corrective and or disciplinary action shall be taken. This may include termination and or other forms of discipline.

Definition of Sexual Harassment
Sexual harassment is defined as any unwanted physical, verbal or visual sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other sexually oriented conduct which is offensive of objectionable to the recipient, including, but not limited to: derogatory or suggestive comments, slurs or gestures.

When is conduct harassing?
Unwelcome sexual advances (either verbal or physical), requests for favors and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitute sexual harassment when:
● Submission to such conduct is either an explicit or implicit term or condition of employment.
● Submission to or rejection of the conduct is used as a basis for making employment decisions.
● The conduct has the purpose or effect of interfering with an individual’s work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment.

What is not sexual harassment?
Sexual harassment does not refer to occasional compliments of a socially acceptable nature. It refers to behavior that is not welcome, that is personally offensive, that debilitates morale, and that, therefore, interferes with work effectiveness.

Reporting Illegal Harassment
1. Notify your immediate supervisor in writing by completing a Sexual Harassment Incident Report. If the supervisor is the person accused of harassment then notify their supervisor/director/board member.
2. An accurate record of objectionable behavior or misconduct is needed to resolve a formal complaint of harassment. In writing the report, document the date, time and location of the harassment. All formal written complaints must be signed by the accuser.
3. File the formal complaint in a timely fashion.

Investigation of the Complaint
1. Any allegation of harassment will be promptly investigated. Confidentiality will be maintained throughout the investigative process to the extent practical and appropriate under the circumstances.
2. LPRD 2/LIVE OAK SPORTS COMPLEX will thoroughly and quickly investigate any complaint, keeping the complainant informed as to the status of the investigation.

Protection Against Retaliation
LPRD 2/LIVE OAK SPORTS COMPLEX will not in any way retaliate against an individual who makes a formal complaint, nor will we allow any supervisor of employee to do so. Examples of retaliation include but are not limited to:
1. Treating someone who has made a complaint any differently than any other employee.
2. Disciplining an employee, making negative comments, reduction in work or giving unfavorable evaluations.

Discipline for Engaging in Harassment
Depending on the nature and seriousness of the offense, LPRD 2/LIVE OAK SPORTS COMPLEX will impose all appropriate discipline, up to and including termination, against any LPRD 2 employee found to have engaged in sexual harassment. When a customer or a member of the general public not employed by LPRD 2/LIVE OAK SPORTS COMPLEX is found to have engaged in harassment against a LPRD 2/LIVE OAK SPORTS COMPLEX employee, LPRD 2/LIVE OAK SPORTS COMPLEX will advise the person of such behavior and will take such action as is appropriate under the circumstances.

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