The Livingston Parish Recreation District 2 met in a regular meeting on Wednesday, March 8, 2023, ni Watson, La. at 6 pm at the Administrative Office (Live Oak Sportsplex) located at 36965 Louisiana Highway 16, Watson, La.

Present- C.Prescott, B.J. Guerin, J.Hood, April Curtis, Vicky Brown, T.McRae Absent: Brett Beard

Guests: Director Mike Hansen, Nick Cacioppa vendor Public: Pam Hughes, Blaine Armstrong citizens Meeting called to order by Chairman C.Prescott Motion ot adopt the minutes as mailed for the February 22, 2023, meeting with no public comment, by B.J.Guerin seconded by V.Brown Vote passed Yeas-6 Nays-none Absent-Brett Beard Director, Mike Hansen, reported that only one quote was received for snowball vending services (Snowballerz LLC $5001) Motion to award the 2023 snowball vending services at commission of $5001 with no public comment by V.Brown seconded by T.McRae Vote passed Yeas-6 Nays-none Absent-Brett Beard *Director covered maintenance issues and noted that the air conditioner in rear of concession stand is being repaired now. The freezer (double door) is being fixed for another time and he recommended to replace dependent upon repair service guidance and review.

*He presented a potential web site support service from a resident of our district, Director estimated that for $2500 ot upgrade current system and another $3600 for annual support is quoted. April Curtis recommended to secure other quotes.

*He reported on high traffic turf spots that need attention for safety purposes. He recommended to replace when the season is over in 2023. A proposed replacement of the areas totals $35,409 for the four plate areas. He noted that repair only of the holes may be considered for a temporary fix. Board discussed and the consensus *He noted that a boys’ tourney is being held this weekend.

*He also stated that another vandalism incident Friday evening at women’s bathroom at the track caused damage.


 Administrative Secretary presented the financial report to the board for the February period of operations as compared to budget and presented January bills. Cash balances were summarized for the board.

Motion to accept the financial report of February and pay the bills as presented for the March period with no public comment by C.Prescott seconded by B.J.Guerin Vote passed Yeas-6 Nays-none Absent-Brett Beard Under public input, Blaine Armstrong and Pam Hughes addressed the board. They shared ideas regarding to re-structure programs with a new format due to coaching shortages. Ms. Armstrong stressed that quality development of instruction and the balance of all teams would be the goal with her plan. She recommended to conduct three weeks of instruction for all registered kids before official play begins (group practices). She feels that this would attract new coaches and increase registration. She believes this approach wil grow the programs at al ages and expand volunteers along with quality of coaching.

She explained hte system would eb operating ni phases before new season play begins. She recommended that a program Director position be created. It was noted that a program coordinator will be needed in each sport.

Board discussed this proposal with comments and Director made comments on coaching and volunteer current needs.

April Curtis left the meeting.

Chairman reported that a long range view be made on this idea and recommended board to give thought to having a planning committee meeting on this topic.

Chairman report noted that there was no new action on land to report.

There were no further committee reports.

Under board comments, Tracy McRae stated she appreciated this new public response by Ms. Armstrong.

Motion to adjourn the meeting with no public comment by C.Prescott seconded by T.McRae Vote passed Yeas-5 Nays-none Absent-Brett Beard, Not voting- April Randall Smith – Administrative Secretary Next public meeting on Wednesday, April 12, 2023 6 pm