The Livingston Parish Recreation District 2 met in a regular meeting on Wednesday, June 14, 2023, ni Watson, La. at 6 pm at the Administrative Office (Live Oak Sportsplex) located at 36965 Louisiana Highway 16, Watson, La.

Present- C.Prescott, J.Hood, B.Beard, V.Brown, T.McRae, A.Curtis, B.J.Guerin Absent: none

Guests: Director Mike Hansen, Public: Jesse Eusay Trey Sanders, Hannis T.Bourgeious CPA’s Meeting called to order by Chairman Chris Prescott Motion ot adopt the minutes as mailed for the May 10, 2023, meeting with no public comment, by B. Beard seconded by T.McRae Vote passed Yeas-7 Nays-none Absent-none Trey Sanders presented the 2022 Financial Audit report and AUP audit report. He reported that the audit rendered a clean unmodified opinion and noted there were no findings or deficiencies in internal control or any identified non- compliance issues. He did report on the finding for the audit relating to a theft incident and the procedure finding on the same issue. He suggested a correction policy to be followed for the future.

Motion to accept the 2022 Financial Audit and AUP audits as presented with no public comment, by T.McRae seconded by B.Beard Vote passed Yeas-7 Nays-none Absent- none Director, Mike Hansen, reported on the challenge of a plumbing issue (broken line). The inspection of the problem revealed a repair action that will be completed in late summer.

*He covered tournament play results this year and noted that a cancellation by the 2D Group recently. This group held a tourney elsewhere ti appears and stated that they had poor turnout on registration. Board discussed this group’s interaction.

*He commented on a sponsorship package potential from a meeting with the Livingston Parish Tourism to obtain amarketing value ofthe District’s events.

*Director is pursuing the hiring of a candidate for the Assistant Director position in July/August. He is compiling the job duties for this position.

trai presented asummayr fohte NAYS programs availablenoinstructional


 He presented a promotional video outlining the philosophy of the program. He stated that he si researching training for coaches, assistant coaches, parents, and officials. Vicki Brown left the meeting.

Director reported on an out of control parent’s poor behavior at several venues during this year’s seasons. Board discussed recommendations and Director stated the need for a Parent’s Code of Conduct be established. Board consensus agreed to establish the Director’s recommendation for the conduct code.

Administrative Secretary presented the financial report to the board for the May period of operations as compared ot budget and presented June bils. Cash balances were summarized for the board.

Motion to accept the financial report of May and pay the bills as presented for the June period with no public comment by B.J.Guerin seconded by B.Beard Vote passed Yeas-6 Nays-none Absent-none Not Voting-V.Brown Under public input, Jesse Eusay representing a private Live Oak soccer club addressed the board. He stated his history of organizing and coaching a 5ht through 8” grade soccer team from Live Oak. He requested assistance ni promoting and developing this team play. He explained the member’s costs and history of getting this play established. Board made comments on the Livingston Parish School’s participation and recent comments from school officials. Director commented on space limitations for other programs and reminded of the rental policy for space. Mr. Eusay stated his appreciation for any assistance in this area in the future.

Chairman reported the realtor has communicated that an individual is interested in the Fore Road property, but has not made further contact on the issue recently. Board discussed.

There were no further committee reports.

Under board comments, April Curtis discussed the potential of hiring a temporary sports assistant director and noted that she gave a soccer program recommendation to the Director for his review. Director stated that his view was the need for maintenance workers supersedes this position.


┬áMotion to adjourn the meeting with no public comment by T.McRae seconded by J.Hood Vote passed Yeas-6 Nays-none Absent-none Not voting- V.Brown Pandal l Smhti Randall Smith – Administrative Secretary Next public meeting on Wednesday, July 12, 2023 6 pm