The Livingston Parish Recreation District 2 met in a regular meeting on Wednesday, February 21, 2024, ni Watson, La. at 6 pm at the Administrative Office (Live Oak Sportsplex) located at 36965 Louisiana Highway 16, Watson, La.

Present- C.Prescott, T.McRae, J.Hood, A.Curtis, B.J.Guerin Absent: V.Brown, B.Beard

Guests: Director Mike Hansen

Public: Jeff Esay, Trey Sanders of H.T.Bourgeios CPA’s Meeting called to order by Chairman Chris Prescott Pledge of allegiance was given and prayer led by Administrative Secretary.

Motion to adopt the minutes as mailed for the January 10, 2024, meeting with no public comment, by T.McRae seconded by A.Curtis Vote passed Yeas-5 Nays-none Absent-V.Brown, B.Beard Trey Sanders of H.T.Bourgeios CPA’s presented a proposal for the financial audit and AUP audit for 2023-2024-2025 for board consideration.

Motion to approve the engagement of H.T.Bourgeios for a three year period 2023- 2025 as per proposal presented by T.McRae seconded by B.J.Guerin Vote passed Yeas-5 Nays-none Absent-V.Brown, B.Beard There was no old business.

Director, Mike Hansen, reported that piping repairs for water service were made as well as equipment repairs. He noted that the old freezer has failed and that he will purchase two smaller freezer units to make ti through the summer season. He also noted that the scag mower is in the shop for repairs.

*He stated that the lay down yard was cleaned up and improved. He stated that new mulch was received for spring use.

*He reported that the T-Ball fields were updated and that fencing on Field 2 will be installed.

*He stated that the park will be hosting the Middle School softball/baseball season play during the spring.

*He summarized the first Tournament results and he also stated that the 2D organization tournament was cancelled regarding the this coming weekend.

*He reported on his meeting with insurance adjustor on the old Activity Center. Various items will be repaired to be able to insure.

*He stated that baseball, softball, and soccer has 81 teams planned for this year.


 Director reported on soccer coaching needs for the new season and stated certain factors for adjusting age group teams in one group.

*He noted that the Walker Parks and Recreation requested assistance or information on season play potential (joint league).

*He recommended to increase hourly pay for office employee who has been assisting him very well. Board discussed his proposal.

*He also summarized a former employee’s questions regarding overtime compensation. Trey Sanders and Administrative Secretary explained policy and the need for establishing a more accurate written policy.

Motion to direct Director to research the discrepancy of overtime hours from a past employees history with straight time versus overtime as well as to secure Legal Counsel’s advice on a release form with no public comment by B.J.Guerin seconded by C.Prescott Vote passed Yeas-5 Nays-none Absent-V.Brown, B.Beard Administrative Secretary presented the financial report with the board for the January, 2024, period of operations as compared to budget with January bills.

He also reported on banking failure by Capital One bank on disbursing two items that were not approved by authorized signatures. He will bring a proposal to use a different bank for better cyber security service by the bank. Board agreed to proceed.

Motion to accept the financial report of January and pay the bills as presented for the February period with no public comment by J.Hood seconded by A.Curtis Vote passed Yeas-5 Nays-none Absent-V.Brown, B.Beard Motion to lift the agenda to discuss item 8 at this time by A.Curtis seconded by B.J.Guerin Vote passed Yeas-5 Nays-none Absent-V.Brown, B.Beard April Curtis recommended to propose to hire a soccer commissioner to be paid a maximum of $3000 for spring season of soccer. Board discussed this proposal and April Curtis explained her recommendation on the duties of this position.

Motion to hire a soccer commissioner to be paid a maximum of $3000 for the spring season of soccer with no public comment by A. Curtis seconded by T.McRae Vote passed Yeas-4 Nays-J.Hood Absent-V.Brown, B.Beard Director will assemble specifications on the job duties for the commissioner post. April Curtis also recommended to consider selected soccer rule changes for a future growth strategy. Board discussed the proposal.