The Livingston Parish Recreation District 2 met in a regular meeting on Wednesday, April 12, 2023, ni Watson, La. at 6 pm at the Administrative Office (Live Oak Sportsplex) located at 36965 Louisiana Highway 16, Watson, La.

Present- B.J. Guerin, J.Hood, A.Curtis, V.Brown, T.McRae Absent: Brett Beard, Chris Prescott Guests: Director Mike Hansen, Public: none Meeting called to order by Vice Chairman Tracy McRae Motion ot adopt the minutes as mailed for the March 8, 2023, meeting with no public comment, by B.J.Guerin seconded by A.Curtis Vote passed Yeas-5 Nays-none Absent-Brett Beard, Chris Prescott Administrative Secretary read the official notice of consideration of action for holding an ad valorem tax renewal election in later 2023 as per state statute R.S.42:19.1 on behalf of the District.

Director, Mike Hansen, reported that he is working on adjusting the timer controller for the track lights. His analysis revealed that a new power connection needs to be made for the controller to function properly.

*He stated that the turf project on Field 1 and 8 is finished.

*He noted that baseball/softball season begins on 4-17-23. He stated that a Walker Recreation girls’ team will be participating ni the 13 year old age group this year.

Board consensus agreed to execute an agreement with the Walker Parks & Recreation District on referee cost sharing responsibility.

*He stated that tournament play is going very well with concession sales providing good results.

*He noted that the freezer is now repaired and he brought a recommendation to purchase a used unit for $600 to assist with demand on frozen product. Board consensus agreed on the purchase.

*He reported that vandalism continues sporadically and that a tent was pitched at 4am one morning a day prior to a weekend tournament event (was a tournament team). Individuals from this team was wandering into the building using restrooms and floor space of the office. Board discussed the need for a portable restroom in the future. He will secure cost estimates soon.

*Director noted that the website building work continues by the vendor.


 Administrative Secretary presented the financial report to the board for the March period of operations as compared to budget and presented April bills. Cash balances were summarized for the board.

Motion to accept the financial report of March and pay the bills as presented for the April period with no public comment by V.Brown seconded by B.J.Guerin Vote passed Yeas-5 Nays-none Absent-Brett Beard, Chris Prescott There was no public input, so moderator moved to the next agenda item. There was no Chairman report.

There were no further committee reports.

Under board comments, various comments were made on the potential of the District increasing visibility or service for medical access for the general public and participants of the programs. Liability issues were commented on with this subject.

Director gave his opinion on coach-referee training as previously discussed last practicing and coaching parameters for the next season. April Curtis recommended to use a coaching clinic method to improve current procedures.

Motion to adjourn the meeting with no public comment by B.J. Guerin seconded by A. Curits Vote passed Yeas-S Nays-none Absent-Brett Beard, Chris Prescott Pandal Smhti Randall Smith – Administrative Secretary Next public meeting on Wednesday, May 10, 2023 6 pm